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Comprehensive Family Law Attorneys

Keithley Law is a full-service family law firm based in Fairfax and accessible to clients across northern Virginia. Our lawyers provide clear, reliable legal guidance and representation based upon 17 years of relevant case experience. Clients benefit from the knowledge, perspective, and excellent professional reputations of our entire family law team.

Getting a divorce is likely one of the most stressful events you will experience in your lifetime. A divorce will have a lasting impact on your life and family. Don’t go at it alone. Hire a dedicated divorce attorney! Start your initial consultation today - call (703) 775-2314.

Experienced Real Estate Lawyers

Before you complete a real estate transaction in Fairfax, meet with a real estate attorney to learn more about real estate law and take steps to protect your rights. Keithley Law is available to represent you in resolving real estate matters.

We provide aggressive legal representation for clients who are victims of bad real estate transactions or are the individual being wrongfully sued for fraud and breach of contract within real estate deals. Our attorneys will help you in dealing with foreclosure cases. To protect yourself or your investment, contact us for immediate representation.


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